Workplace Trends of 2021 (Ft. Health, Safety, and Going Green)

Workplace Trends of 2021 (Ft. Health, Safety, and Going Green)

The Top 3 Workplace Trends We Expect to See in 2021

With the recent world events, we've all seen a shift in the definition of "workplaces." The unprecedented evolution of work has resulted in unique workplace trends we expect to see in 2021—and yes, some are carried over from the interesting year of 2020.

1. Flexible Work Schedules & Working from Home

The stigma around working from home is now a thing of the past. Flexible work schedules are here to stay, and it seems that no one will bat an eye if your two-year-old comes popping up on a Zoom meeting. What's become more important is the mental health of employees and the camaraderie that has been lost through isolation.

Many companies understand that the loss of in-person connections has changed the way business operates. A new focus on innovative and flexible schedules while working from home is sure to be a workplace trend that sticks around for the years to come. To reassure your employees, stick to regular commercial cleaning services and encouraged sick days.

2. Environmentally Friendly Workplaces

Since fewer people will be in the office, this is a perfect time to move towards environmentally friendly workplaces. Although this trend has been many years in the making, it's sure to get some serious screen time in 2021.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that the earth needs us to do our part to help keep things running smoothly. Work with a cleaning company that specializes in environmentally friendly products, such as Safety Facility Services. Not only is it better for the earth, but it will also create healthier and cleaner air for your employees.

3. Workplace Digitalization

Workplace digitalization has been on the rise, and even more so with flexible in-person schedules. Paper has become a thing of the past, with digital copies being a more hygienic and efficient way to get memos and announcements throughout the company. The use of channel-based messaging platforms like Slack, Trello, and Basecamp allows employees to communicate freely, and works much faster than sending emails.

While it's crucial to start implementing these practices within your own company, be sure to keep it going with all external communication. We know you’re tired of emails and attachments, that's why Safety Facility Services uses technology to communicate with our clients, including sending reports, schedules, invoices, and more through our mobile app and online platform.

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