3 Ways to Have a Sustainable Building in 2021

3 Ways to Have a Sustainable Building in 2021

Sustainable Building Trends to Implement this Year

When looking where to make upgrades in your current facility, consider environmentally friendly options. Sustainability proves to increase a building's lifespan and be more cost-efficient. If you need some ideas on how to have a sustainable building, we are here to help.

Here are three trends environmentally friendly buildings are putting into practice this year.

1. Implement Energy-Efficient Lighting

Invest in smart lighting to reduce your levels of energy consumption. This includes high-efficiency lighting solutions such as energy-efficient light fixtures, automatic light dimmers, or motion-sensor lighting. Lighting systems that connect to sensors are great for avoiding excessive lighting use in rooms that remain empty for most of the day. 

If your budget is low, you can make easy swaps from outdated lighting to LED bulbs. If possible, consider installing skylights in your building to take advantage of the natural light available during the day. 

2. Reduce Water Consumption

Reducing the amount of water consumption in a building may be easier than you think. You can start by tackling water fixtures in the bathroom. Switch to low-flow faucets and flush valves. If possible, consider installing touch-free faucets in all the bathrooms. Since these faucets only run when a person's hands are underneath, it eliminates accidentally leaving the water running.

3. Switch to Green Cleaning Materials

Environmentally friendly buildings all use green cleaning materials. Many standard cleaners release toxic chemicals into the air, which can affect the health of your employees. By switching to environmentally friendly cleaners, you lower the risk of exposure to air pollutants for everyone in the building. This will contribute to your employees' overall health while reducing the chances of sickness in the office.

Safety Facility Services Uses Sustainable Practices

To keep your environmentally friendly building running at full capacity, you'll need a facility services company that understands the importance of sustainable practices. Safety Facility Services is fully equipped to serve your building. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and methods in our work without sacrificing our services' quality. To find out more about our services, contact us online.