What are LEED Certified Buildings?

What are LEED Certified Buildings?

LEED Certified Buildings & How to Become One

The U.S. Green Building Council created LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in 1998 under the Federal Energy Management Program. Since then, it has become the world’s most widely used green building rating system. LEED certified buildings can reach their sustainability goals while enjoying the environmental benefits of being sustainable.

What is a LEED Building Certification?

A LEED Building Certification awards sustainable building operations and the use of green initiatives. The main benefits buildings can experience from being LEED certified are becoming healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving. While there are LEED certifications for new construction, renovation, and development projects, most property managers will be looking to achieve the certification for existing buildings.

What are the 4 Levels of a LEED Certified Building?

Existing buildings must earn points under the LEED rating system to work towards becoming certified. Points can be earned under:

• Location and transportation (15 possible points)
• Sustainable sites (10 possible points)
• Water efficiency (12 possible points)
• Energy and atmosphere (38 possible points)
• Materials and resources (8 possible points)
• Indoor environmental quality (17 possible points)
• Innovation (6 possible points)
• Regional priority (4 possible points)

Based on the number of points your building achieves, it will fall under one of four rating levels: certified (40-90 points), silver (50-59 points), gold (60-79 points), or platinum (80+ points).

What Buildings Can be LEED Certified?

New structures and existing buildings can attain a LEED Certification. Many existing buildings are inefficiently operated and deplete unnecessary resources. By working towards achieving points on the LEED rating system, these buildings can save costs and energy. Existing buildings include educational, retail, data centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and hospitality as well as offices and corporate headquarters.

How to Become LEED Certified

The best way to start achieving points under the LEED rating system is by partnering with a CIMS-GB facility service provider, like Safety Facility Services. We can highlight where your building can secure LEED points as well as create and implement sustainable practices. We specialize in cleaning and maintenance that avoid toxic chemicals and non-recyclable items. Through these efforts, we can maximize your resources while saving you money.

How to Have Sustainable Building Services

Whether your building is looking to get a LEEDs certification or simply wants to be more sustainable, we can help. Contact us online today to schedule a building walkthrough. Then, we can evaluate your current operations and discuss sustainable changes and upgrades.