Custom Cleaning Solutions: Create a Plan for Your Building

Custom Cleaning Solutions: Create a Plan for Your Building

The Benefits of Having a Custom Cleaning Plan

Why should you choose a cleaning provider who creates custom cleaning plans? For starters, custom cleaning is completed around your schedule. We work around your business’ operating hours, so you won’t lose out on business or interrupt clients, tenants, or employees. Safety Facility Services is knowledgeable about various industries, and we understand the needs of property managers, building owners, and facility managers.

Our custom cleaning plans have a needs-based approach, so we focus on what the building needs and won’t overcharge you for what it doesn’t. This is the differentiated value of a true partnership with Safety.

Safety Facility Services Custom Cleaning Process

We understand that cleaning plans are not one size fits all. We create unique, needs-based custom cleaning solutions for each client based on their facilities. As a facility services company, we can also provide different services under one platform, such as carpet cleaning, hard floor care, and disinfection and cleaning services.

Beginning with our initial meetings, our staff will provide expert advice based on our relevant experience within your industry. We then move into a walkthrough of the facility to ensure the proper cleaning protocols and procedures are in place. With us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We ensure every account onboarded is overseen by members of senior management from the initial sale throughout the lifetime of the account. If you run into any problems, someone is always there to help.

1. Contact Safety Facility Services

To secure custom cleaning solutions for your building, contact Safety Facility Services to request a quote. You can reach us by giving us a call at 212-679-3451 or filling out our online contact form.

2. Schedule Initial Screening

During your initial screening, we’ll identify the needs and current issues of your building. Once these are identified, we will work with you to create customized solutions through our cleaning services.

3. Set Up Your Schedule

After your initial cleaning, we encourage all our clients to set up a recurring schedule. A schedule ensures that your building is cleaned at regular intervals to keep up appearances and cleanliness.

4. Install the SFS App

The Safety Facility Services app is perfect for having everything you need to know at your fingertips. Install our app to view your quality assurance, invoices, and other pertinent information. You’ll even be able to request additional services when the need arises.

5. Add on Services as Needed

The benefit of working with a facility management company is the ease of adding on services as needed. Not only do we provide expert cleaning services, but security and concierge services, lighting and energy solutions, window cleaning, pest control, and more.