How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Provider

How to Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Provider

Why Commercial Window Cleaning is Essential to Your Building

First impressions are everything in business. Your exterior windows play a huge role in a potential client’s first impression of your office or residential building. If you’re currently looking for a commercial window cleaning provider, you need to know what to look for in a company. Here are some of the best qualities of a professional commercial window cleaning provider.

The Best Qualities of a Commercial Window Cleaning Provider

A quality commercial window cleaning provider should have the following qualities:


Your commercial window washing company should be properly insured with full coverage. If anything were to happen while cleaning, you’d be protected from any financial burdens. Fully insured facility companies show that they respect both their workers and clients.


The windows on your building are an investment that you care about, and there’s no doubt that you want them in safe hands. A professional company will only use the best products and techniques while cleaning your windows for a spotless and streak free finish.

Identify Potential Issues

During your window cleaning, you should trust that your provider will identify potential issues and make you aware of them. This could be anything ranging from wood rot to holes or tears in window screens. The window glass should also be examined for chips or cracks. The sooner you are aware of these issues, the sooner you can rectify them. This helps you keep your office space safe for both employees and workers.

Increase Windows Longevity

A commercial window cleaning company should increase the longevity of your current windows. A bi-annual cleaning removes dirt, sand, oxidation, and corrosive materials that would put wear on the window glass. It can also help remove damaging mold and rid your windows of unsightly spots.

Increases Curb Appeal

No one wants to work or do business in a dirty building. Commercial window washing makes your company a welcoming sight to employees, clients, or customers.

Partner with Safety Facility Services for Window Cleaning 

Safety Facility Services offers commercial window cleaning along with our other facility maintenance services. Our trustworthy employees are hardworking, highly qualified, and well-trained to perform window cleaning services. We will work with you to develop a detailed cleaning plan that is both safe and efficient.

Further, by partnering with a facility management company, your business can easily add window cleaning to your current services plan or vice versa. To request a quote, fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will be in touch.