A Complete Guide to Building Cleaning Services

A Complete Guide to Building Cleaning Services

All the Building Cleaning Services You May Need

Building managers should continuously evaluate the needs of the building to determine what cleaning services would be beneficial and cost-efficient. With many commercial buildings reopening and adjusting to a post-pandemic workplace, partnering with a professional cleaning company just makes sense. If you’re considering building cleaning services, but are unsure of what services are necessary, here’s what you should know.

Explore Available Cleaning Options

There are typically two options for commercial building cleaning services: daily janitorial and periodic maintenance. Both can be performed independently of each other, although it is recommended to schedule these services together.

1. Office Building Janitorial Services: During standard services, daily janitorial tasks are performed, including trash removal, bathroom cleaning, disinfecting surfaces, and dusting.

2. Periodic Maintenance Programs: During periodic maintenance, deep cleaning services will be performed, such as hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, glass cleaning, and high dusting.

Schedule a Building Walk-through

While exploring cleaning service options, you may also start to vet potential cleaning companies. Expert providers will schedule a building walk-through to provide the best and most accurate estimate. During a walk-through, the provider will take note of the layout and type of space, open areas, office or conference rooms, number of employees, shared spaces such as restrooms and kitchens, and the materials used on various surfaces throughout the building. This walk-through will also help the provider offer guidance on what services your building needs.

After performing a walk-through and discussing specific wants and needs, a provider will then send a comprehensive proposal for consideration, including the estimate, scope of work, and custom cleaning plan.

What Happens When I Need Additional Services?

The last thing you want as a building manager is to go through the process of choosing a cleaning provider and end up needing additional services. For this reason, it’s beneficial to partner with a facility management company. Facility managers will offer janitorial and cleaning services and other services your building may come to need.

For example, Safety Facility Services’ clients can rely on us to provide anything their building needs. If one month you need exterior glass cleaning and another HVAC repair, we can help. Or perhaps your concierge staff quit, and you need a quick replacement; we can provide professional front desk and security personnel.

No matter the challenges your building faces, Safety Facility Services has your back. Our experts are available 24/7 to help and advise clients, ensuring they are implementing the best practices based on their needs. To request a walk-through for commercial building cleaning services, contact us online.