What is Commercial Cleaning? Why is a Professional Service Best?

What is Commercial Cleaning? Why is a Professional Service Best?

What is Commercial Cleaning? Definition, Professional Services, and More

Millions of people spend most of their day in an office setting. While your company may already have a standard janitorial company, their service may only consist of a simple wipe down and emptying of trashcans. However, a professional commercial cleaning service may be just what your office needs this year.

Here is a brief overview of commercial cleaning and how your office building can benefit from professional services.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

The technical commercial cleaning definition is a one-time or repeatedly scheduled service to clean and disinfect your office space. A reputable cleaning company will follow proper protocols using EPA approved products and have all the latest cleaning equipment, such as electrostatic disinfecting sprayers. 

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

There are many benefits to commercial cleaning, but the main advantage is that your employees can have peace of mind knowing that trained professionals routinely clean and disinfect their office space. Commercial cleaning services can let employees feel safe at their workplace and positively impact the health and atmosphere of the office. Regular cleaning keeps high-touch surfaces free of dust, dirt, and germs and contributes to more pure air.

Commercial Cleaning Services

General Cleaning

A commercial cleaning company can perform janitorial tasks such as dusting, restroom cleaning, vacuuming, and more. A great commercial cleaning partner will also provide the additional services below. Their multi-purpose offering is what makes this type of company beneficial to businesses.

Carpet Cleaning

Every winter, your carpet takes a beating with all the snow, slush, and salt tracked inside. A carpet cleaning is just what your office needs to get your carpet looking clean and fresh.

Deep Cleaning and Restroom Disinfection

Although a standard cleaning is excellent, this professional service ensures that hard-to-reach surfaces are appropriately cleaned. This deep cleaning can reduce the overall spread of germs in the office and free those high surfaces and hard to reach areas from dust, dirt, and allergens.

Power Washing

Power washing can improve your building’s interior and exterior appearance. Your entryway can have built-up dirt and grime that has settled down over the years removed, leaving you with an inviting area to welcome employees or customers.

Emergency Response

After a flood, fire, or confirmed COVID-19 case, it can be challenging to know where to begin the clean-up process. Commercial cleaning emergency response services are available to be dispatched immediately; they can get your office space back to normal in no time.

Why Get Commercial Cleaning from Safety Facility Services 

Safety Facility Services is proud to offer multiple commercial cleaning services, all from one company. We are your one-stop-shop for all things commercial cleaning, and you can rest assured that we have your company’s back. We are always ready to provide recurring services, deep cleans, and last-minute services while offering complete transparency in our inspection reports.

Our proactive quality assurance program ensures that we always go above and beyond in our service. We also offer a mobile app for our clients to request services, access invoices, and view employees’ schedules.

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