What is a Facilities Manager for Commercial Buildings?

What is a Facilities Manager for Commercial Buildings?

What is a Facilities Manager? And Does Your Commercial Building Need One?

A facilities manager (FM) is responsible for maintaining an organization’s valuable assets, such as property or building. An FM would also manage all facility locations and their needs, such as the local supply vendors for maintenance, health and safety, sustainability, and security services. They ensure these services are up-to-date and scheduled properly.

Whether your commercial facility needs an FM depends entirely on your organizational needs as well as the size of your facility/building. In addition, if your building is struggling with supply and service vendors, a facility manager may be needed to manage those entities as well as a facility services provider.

Facilities Manager vs. Facility Services Provider

A facility manager can be an in-house employee or a third-party management company. They coordinate between a company’s internal departments to determine facility needs and external parties to provide services. The FM would be responsible for negotiating vendor contracts, assigning local vendors to facility locations, and acting as the liaison between tenants and service providers.

A facility services provider is an all-in-one solution to building management, providing services such as cleaning, maintenance, security, etc. Typically, a facility manager or management company would hire a facility services provider depending on the services needed.

The Benefits of Partnering with Safety Facility Services

If you or your facility manager needs to find the right services provider for your property, look no further than Safety Facility Services. We offer total support, including janitorial, cleaning, security, concierge, lighting, operations and maintenance, window cleaning, and pest control services.

We work with your facility manager to create a strategy based upon agreed goals such as sustainability, cleanliness, and code compliancy. Our customizable plans make it easy to add and end services as needed as well as manage quarterly and yearly budgets. We are also CIMS-GB certified, meaning we provide environmentally friendly and sustainable building solutions to help achieve points under LEED for existing buildings.

Our company provides services nationally, which is more convenient for facility managers, as they will not need to find local providers for every building location—we can service them all. To get started with facility management services, contact Safety Facility Services online.