Top Office Germ Hotspots to Be Aware Of

Top Office Germ Hotspots to Be Aware Of

8 Office Germ Hotspots You Need to Be Cleaning & Disinfecting

Many people spend most of their day at work, which means having a germ-free office is essential for their well-being. Employees and managers should be aware of office germ hotspots that contribute to the spread of illness. 

Most offices enhance cleaning during the winter months to help prevent spreading the cold or flu. While it's great to create extra lines of defense during this time, there are hotspots to be aware of all year round.

At the very least, deep cleaning these eight high touch areas in offices is essential to keep employees safe and healthy:

1. Office door handles and chair arms
2. Alarm panels and light switches
3. Desk phones, keyboards, and mouses
4. Kitchen items (microwaves, refrigerators, toasters, etc.)
5. Shared electronics (copy machine, printer, fax machine)
6. Elevator buttons and staircase railings
7. Restrooms (faucets, toilets, soap dispensers, etc.)
8. "Hot Seats" (rotating desks)

1. Office Door Handles and Chair Arms

Due to the large number of people walking in and out of your building every day, office door handles have a large number of bacteria. Aim to use anti-bacterial gel or wash your hands after touching door handles. Similarly, chair arms are often forgotten but used so often. It's crucial to wipe down chair arms every day or weekly at the very least.

2. Alarm Panels and Light Switches 

Nobody thinks about it, but alarm panels and light switches are used every morning and evening. Why not clean them daily too? It's important to disinfect the surfaces being touched every day.

3. Desk Phones, Keyboards, and Mouses

An office phone can be one of the contaminated items at your desk. Before starting work every morning, wipe your phone down with a sanitizing wipe to keep germs at bay. Other items at a desk can also become a carrying ground for germs. Keyboards and mice offer lots of tiny crevices for bacteria to hide. Try to disinfect and wipe down all these surfaces whenever possible.

4. Kitchen Items

Many staff members bring things in and out of the kitchen countless times daily. Encourage frequent hand washing in the kitchen and regular washing of all items used. Don't forget to wipe down the inside and handle of the microwave and refrigerator, as this can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Kitchen sink faucets and cabinet handles should also be regularly disinfected.

5. Shared Electronics

Several employees use shared electronics like the printer and copier during the day. Encourage everyone in the office to wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe after using it to decrease the number of germs on this surface.  

6. Elevator Buttons and Staircase Railings

Elevator buttons and staircase railings are being touched daily by employees and outside visitors. Try to lower the spread of germs by disinfecting the elevator panel and placing hand sanitizers by railings. 

7. Restrooms 

Even after washing your hands in restrooms, touching contaminated handles and faucets is still a risk. Encourage employees to clean faucets and handles with a disinfectant wipe after use. 

8. Hot Seats 

Hot seats, or desks being used by multiple employees, can quickly become a haven for bacteria in offices. Ask employees to wipe down hot seats before and after use to lower bacteria levels. 

How to Implement Hot Spot Cleaning in Your Office

While the above may seem like an extensive list, there are easy ways to implement hot spot cleaning in your office - with minimal work for your employees.

1. Install accessible cleaning supplies around the office

Make cleaning supplies accessible for everyone in the office. Consider placing hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the office near office germ hotspots. Stock all your utility closets with EPA-approved cleaning supplies to ensure trusted cleaning supplies. In addition, place sanitizing wipes dispensers around the office to make it convenient to wipe down surfaces after use. 

2. Consider hands-free tools

Make the switch to hands-free tools throughout the office. For example, change any faucets, paper towel dispensers, water dispensers, or soap dispensers to be touch-free to lessen the spread of germs.

3. Schedule routine professional cleaning

Although your office workers may do their best to clean up after themselves, aim to schedule professional deep cleaning. Enlist a professional company to tackle office germ hotspots daily or weekly, depending on your office needs. In addition, quarterly deep cleans can be scheduled to keep the office healthy with seasonal changes.

Personalized Cleaning Programs for Your Building

Ensure regular cleaning of office germ hotspots through personalized cleaning programs for your building. Safety Facilities Services can work with you to create personalized cleaning plans based upon your office needs and size. In addition, our app allows clients to easily schedule additional services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, power washing, and emergency response as needed.

Contact us today to get started with hot spot cleaning and disinfecting services.