Security & Corporate Concierge Services to Enhance Your Building

Security & Corporate Concierge Services to Enhance Your Building

Corporate Concierge Services & Other Security Personnel Your Building Can Benefit From

The corporate world has a need for concierge and security personnel. These positions help employees or customers by handling specific tasks, including answering questions, easing concerns, and implementing protocols. If you're interested in managing a well-serviced building, here a few security guard and corporate concierge services to consider.

Front Desk

The front desk is the first impression of your facility and the staff who welcome visitors can have a positive effect on everyone they interact with. They are there to take care of tasks that keep the entire building running smoothly and efficiently for both employees and visitors.

When tenants and visitors feel that they are well taken care of, they are much more likely to feel good about the environment they are in.  New visitors will walk away with a great impression of your facility, and those returning will look forward to visiting your building in the future.

Licensed Security Guards

Licensed security guards help to provide business owners with peace of mind. For starters, a security guard is a visual crime deterrent. Between physical personnel and technology, employees, clients, and visitors can feel safe knowing their building is protected.

Further, a licensed security guard is trained to handle threatening situations and will follow the appropriate protocol. If an emergency was to happen on-site, they could safely and calmly instruct departments on what to do.

Fire Safety Directors 

A fire safety director is a vital part of ensuring that your employees remain safe in case of a fire-related emergency. They work to develop, implement, and maintain a fire safety plan for the building. It is their job to check that all fire safety-related equipment is working and up to date. They will also be in charge of scheduling fire drills to ensure that the fire safety plan is efficient and workable.

Contact Safety Facility Services for Corporate Concierge Services

If you think that your building can benefit from corporate concierge services or professional security personnel, don't hesitate to reach out to Safety Facility Services. For more information, request a quote online, and a member of our team will be in touch.