Retail Store Cleaning Checklist from the Experts

Retail Store Cleaning Checklist from the Experts

Retail Store Cleaning Practices You Must Implement

Many retail stores have remained open throughout the pandemic—but not without changes. Operations have been constantly changing as needed in order to follow up-to-date CDC guidelines. Some changes include extended or shortened open hours, specialty open hours (i.e., for elderly patrons only), limited store occupancy, and enhanced cleaning. Overall, the retail store experience has been greatly altered due to the pandemic, as customers have lost the ability to try-on clothing or return certain items. In turn, retail store owners have been extremely vigilant with cleaning services to keep their employees and customers safe.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Retail Store Cleaning?

Many retail stores have cut back on general cleaning services and hired a day porter. Whereas pre-pandemic cleaners worked before or after opening, retail stores now want cleaners to be at the store as customers are entering and leaving. This provides an enhanced cleaning since surfaces like shopping carts, shelving, and check-outs are being cleaned in real-time. Customers can now see and be assured that the store is actively being cleaned.

Why is Cleaning Important in Retail?

Retail store cleaning is excellent for business all around. It can help improve a store’s customer experience and create a healthy shopping environment.

Improves a Store’s Customer Experience

Customers are likely to spend a longer time browsing in a store that is clean, which greatly increases the chances of making a purchase. A clean store is also excellent for optics, as a professional cleaning and surface disinfecting can ease a customer’s in-store shopping anxiety, especially amid a pandemic. Some patrons are weary of entering a public space and sharing high-touch areas, so a day porter can help make retail stores feel like a safe and well taken care of space.

Creates a Healthy Shopping Environment

Consider all the areas of a retail store—entrances, exits, checkouts, restrooms, etc. Between customers and employees, hundreds of people can interact with a surface per day. For this reason, day porters are essential for daily janitorial tasks like dusting and wiping down surfaces. Additionally, regular deep cleaning and disinfecting while the store is closed is still necessary to ensure all high-touch areas and surfaces remain bacteria, germ, and dust free.

How Do You Clean a Retail Store?

A professional cleaner will perform a walkthrough of the retail store to compile a list of areas that need to be serviced, such as: entrances and exits, checkouts and service counters, store areas, restrooms, stairways, backhouse and storerooms, back offices, and breakrooms. Once the areas in need of service are identified, the type of cleaning needed will be determined, such as:

• Exterior and interior window cleaning
• Disinfecting of all high-touch surfaces
• Emptying inside and outdoor trashcans
• Maintaining the exterior of the property, including the parking lot
• High and low surface dusting and disinfecting
• Floor cleaning, including spot removal and deep conditioning
• Replenishing restroom toiletries like soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

How Safety Facility Services Can Help with Retail Cleaning

Safety Facility Services takes a customized approach to retail cleaning, depending on the type, size, and location of the store. We have the capabilities to serve local and national retailers within their needs and budget. We perform regular janitorial and deep cleaning services daily or weekly, including day porters and after-hours. Sometimes, an emergency disinfection is needed, such as when there is a confirmed COVID-19 case from an employee or customer. We also offer timely preventative maintenance programs (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually), including specialty cleaning and disinfecting services.

As a facility services company, we can perform services outside the scope of cleaning like repairs and maintenance for buildings. Typical building services include break-fix repairs, plumbing, electrical, pest control, lighting solutions, painting, snow removal, HVAC, and window cleaning. To learn more about how Safety Facility Services can provide for your retail store, contact us online.