Reopening Schools in NY - Cleaning Strategy

Reopening Schools in NY - Cleaning Strategy

Reopening Schools in NY with Professional Cleaning

On May 24, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the reopening of schools for the fall 2021 school year. While some schools may remain on a part-time schedule, a majority of districts will have all students, teachers, and other faculty members in attendance full-time. With this in mind, school districts must do all they can to keep their community healthy and safe.

To help guide districts during this time of change, the New York State Education Department has released a Reopening Schools Guidance document.

New York State Reopening Schools Guidance

Within this document, it is strongly advised that schools keep health and safety a top priority by focusing on preventive actions. To do so, schools should develop cleaning and disinfection procedures that follow CDC and DOH guidelines. Other health related advisements include:

1. Writing a protocol for confirmed COVID-19 cases
2. Logging dates, times, and scope of cleanings
3. Establishing a cleaning and building maintenance schedule

CDC Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfection

As recommended above, schools should follow the CDC’s Reopening Guidance for cleaning and disinfection. Unlike before the pandemic, the way cleaning is now performed has been enhanced and the frequency of cleaning has increased. Deep cleaning is also more prevalent among schools, which includes thorough disinfection and high dusting. What’s most crucial is the use of EPA-approved disinfectants to clean all high-touch areas and surfaces.

High-touch areas: Administrative offices, Auditoriums, Buses, Cafeterias or other dining areas, Classrooms, Entrances, Janitorial staff areas, Libraries, Playgrounds, Restrooms

High-touch surfaces: Light switches, Countertops, Handles, Desks, Phones, Keyboards and tablets, Toilets and restrooms, Faucets and sinks

Partner with a Facility Services Provider to Reopen NY Schools

School districts should partner with a facility services provider to reopen their building the right way. At Safety Facility Services, we have been providing private and charter schools throughout NYC regular cleaning services for years. Now, we have elevated those services to be in accordance with the NYSED and CDC. We can:

1. Provide disinfecting services after school hours, including night-time deep cleanings
2. Staff day porters for spot disinfecting during school hours
3. Keep an accessible digital log of all work completed with a date and time stamp
4. Ensure in-house staff is performing effective cleaning methods and advise on post-COVID changes
5. Handle work outside the scope of cleaning, such as air filtration and additional building maintenance like specialty floor work, snow removal, pest control, post-construction cleaning, and window cleaning

To get started with a school cleaning strategy, contact us online.