Essential COVID Cleaning Services in NYC and NJ

Essential COVID Cleaning Services in NYC and NJ

3 Things to Know About COVID Cleaning Services

With some companies returning to their office workplaces, building and office managers have started exploring their coronavirus cleaning options. Here are three essential COVID cleaning services available for your office space.

COVID Preventative Protocols

Whether it be preventative disinfecting or disinfecting after a confirmed COVID case, a basic disinfectant doesn’t cut it. The disinfectant of choice should be one that is proven effective against Sars-Cov2 and is located on the EPA’s List N. All high touchpoints in the office should be covered, including doorknobs, electronics, restrooms, light switches, counter tops, etc.

Keyboards, printers, and copy machines are additional items that should be cleaned and then disinfected accordingly. Any visible dirt should be removed with a detergent-based cleaner before following up with the COVID approved disinfectant. This service should be added to your current cleaning routine performed by a professional cleaning company.

Electrostatic Spray Cleaning

After disinfecting those high-touch areas, many facilities opt to follow up with electrostatic spray cleaning. Although a high-touch disinfection can be very thorough, even the best efforts can fall short. Why? The short answer is that some surfaces with germs are simply out of reach. Think of all the nooks and crannies in an office that often get overlooked. Let’s face it, we can only go as far as the arm allows.

This is where electrostatic spray cleaning comes in—it’s the secret tool professionals use. This method is a great way to quickly and thoroughly coat surfaces with disinfecting solutions.

Electrostatic sprayers take the solution inside of them and combine it with positively charged ions. An electrode inside the sprayer gives the droplets a positive electric charge, making them bond with any negatively charged surface. This means that when the disinfectant mist is sprayed, these ions cling to all surfaces from top to bottom and side to side so the entire surface is disinfected.

Electrostatic spray cleaning allows an entire room to be disinfected in minutes, speeding up the cleaning process and making it more thorough.

Disinfecting after a Confirmed COVID Case

Disinfecting after a confirmed case is crucial for minimizing the spread of the virus. With a confirmed case disinfection, multiple cleaning and disinfecting steps are taken to ensure employees may return to a clean and healthy space. This type of disinfection includes a full dusting and disinfection of all surfaces. High-touch points will also receive electrostatic disinfecting.

Proper PPE, including full cleaning suits from head to toe, should be worn by the cleaning staff when performing this service. Once this service is completed, employees who were not exposed to the confirmed case may return back to the space, improving turnaround time and efficiency.

We are typically able to schedule this disinfection service within a few hours of request.

Contact Safety Facility Services for COVID Cleaning Services

If you’re in search of a coronavirus cleaning company, Safety Facility Services has you (and your surfaces) covered. Keeping your employees safe and healthy is important to us, and our COVID cleaning services are one way to make that happen. To find out more information, contact us by completing our online quote form.