COVID Cleaning in NYC for Commercial Buildings

COVID Cleaning in NYC for Commercial Buildings

Your 2022 NYC Covid Cleaning Guidelines

Are you unsure of what your 2022 NYC Covid cleaning guidelines should be? Keep reading to find out what cleaning is best for keeping germs at bay.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to develop and evolve, there's been an increase in cleaning guidelines to combat the virus. With the uptick in cases, it's essential to revisit office guidelines about safety measures and confirmed case practices. Additionally, companies in NYC with employees returning to the office should work with trusted cleaning companies to keep their offices and employees healthy. 

Surface Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

What is the difference between surface cleaning and disinfecting? Often, offices or cleaning companies only perform surface cleaning. This consists of dusting, wiping down, and cleaning surfaces around the office. However, disinfecting is necessary when it comes to confirmed Covid cases. Cleaners should use only EPA-approved disinfectants known for killing coronavirus during this disinfecting service.

Employee Safety During Disinfecting

Employee safety is important at all times, but especially during a disinfecting session. If possible, allow your employees to work from home while disinfecting is performed. Employees who had direct contact with the exposed worker(s) should follow CDC quarantine guidelines until it is safe to return to the office. The cleaning crews should wear PPE during the disinfecting service, especially gloves, eye protection, and masks. Safety Facility Services will even provide after hours or weekend services to prevent disruption of employees during traditional business hours.

What Happens During a Confirmed Covid Cleaning?

During a confirmed Covid cleaning, several measures are taken to stop the spread of the virus. Cleaning crews will begin with electrostatic spraying to ensure disinfection of all surfaces. Then, there will be a disinfecting of shared spaces such as the restrooms and kitchens around the office. All desks will be touch-point disinfected, including chairs, keyboards, and phones.

Further, high-touch surfaces are given special attention. These include doorknobs, hot desks, copy machines, and any other locations around the office that are highly trafficked. If applicable, an office can opt for air filtration and carpet cleaning.

Where to Find Emergency Covid Cleaning Services in NYC

No one wants or expects to have a Covid break out in their office, and unfortunately, many people are unprepared for when it happens. However, don't hesitate to call Safety Facility Services right away if one occurs. We offer fast Covid cleaning turnaround times to keep your office running as smoothly as possible.

Before a breakout occurs, try to prevent the spread of germs. Many offices have implemented routine deep cleanings & recurring disinfection services to lower the spread of germs in the office. With Safety Facility Services, you can choose the exact services you want and how frequently they are performed. We make it easy to add and drop building services based on the needs of your building.

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