Coping with COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace After Exposure

Coping with COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace After Exposure

COVID-19 Prevention Protocols: How to Treat Positive Cases in Your Workplace

Has someone in your office or place of business been exposed to COVID-19 or tested positive? What can you do to cope with the prevention of further cases? Keep reading to find out what you can do to prevent COVID-19 after exposure in your workplace. 

While many companies have transitioned to remote or hybrid work schedules, many employees need to be on-site to complete their job functions.  Along with emerging Covid-19 variants, it is also necessary to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses, especially during the winter season. 

It’s imperative to stay on top of employee health to keep the workplace running smoothly and safely. How can you do that? We recommend implementing the following measures:

• Institute cleaning protocols and procedures like disinfecting services to combat the spread of germs and viruses 
• Have protocols for when employees get sick or are exposed to any virus

How to Prevent the Spread of COVID and Other Viruses in the Workplace

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, work out a rotating schedule. This will lessen the number of employees in the building. If possible, do not allow conference rooms to be shared and always maintain proper social distancing. 

In the office, inform employees that they should wear masks if they are close to others. In addition, the installation of hands-free touchpoints such as soap dispensers, toilets, faucets, and hand dryers will help keep germs at bay.

It’s also important to complete regular touch point disinfecting of all high touch areas in your space such as doorknobs, light switches, alarm panels and restroom & kitchen fixtures.

What to Do if an Employee Tests Positive for COVID?

According to CDC guidelines, after exposed employees have been tested, they should stay at home for a minimum of 5 days or as long as 10 days or until symptoms subside prior to their return to the office. But how can you ensure the safety of all employees on their return to the office? The best thing to do is call a professional cleaning company to complete a confirmed Covid case disinfecting service and institute regular and daily disinfecting of the space.

Positive COVID Case Disinfecting Services

The office will be closed during a confirmed Covid cleaning to complete a disinfecting service. Cleaning companies like Safety Facility Services can come in after-hours or at night to complete cleanings. Electrostatic spraying is used to disinfect all surfaces and rooms, including restrooms, offices, and kitchens. 

If your office has been exposed to Covid-19, don’t hesitate to call Safety Facility Services right away. Or, contact us today to get an office disinfecting quote.