Building Maintenance Services You Didn't Know About

Building Maintenance Services You Didn't Know About

2 Building Maintenance Services Your Property May Be Missing Out On

Building maintenance is an integral part of keeping your building in good condition. However, if you only enlist service when something breaks, there may be some crucial building maintenance services that are not being completed. If so, Safety Facility Services has your back.

We've put together a list of two building maintenance services your property may be missing out on.

What is Building Maintenance?

Before exploring the type of maintenance your property may need, it's important to understand what building maintenance includes. General building maintenance typically includes repairs, replacement, and improvements to your property.

Unfortunately, maintenance tends to only be performed when something breaks. At this point, it's too late for maintenance to be any help. You'll need to pay for costly repairs and end up spending a lot more money than you would have on a scheduled maintenance plan.

1. Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling regular preventative maintenance helps avoid potential machinery breakdowns. It also helps to prevent repairs and replacements of expensive machinery. 

Building machinery often has undetected issues like mildew, insect attacks, water damage, decay from heavy usage, accidental damage, or other concerns. Preventative maintenance lowers the chances of your machinery silently suffering from unseen issues. 

2. Protective Maintenance 

After preventative maintenance, building services should include protective maintenance. This type of maintenance helps protect your building from deteriorating, therefore increasing the longevity of your assets. 

For buildings exposed to extreme weather, protective maintenance includes the coating of surfaces for weather protection. Any beams, pillars, and steel structures in a building are also examined for any signs of wear or damage.

Which Maintenance Services are Right for Your Building?

So how can you know which maintenance services are suitable for your building? The best way to determine what maintenance is right for your building is by scheduling a walk-through. A building walk-through will identify pain points, areas in need, and any potential problems in your building. 

To get started, work with Safety Facility Services to create a routine maintenance plan for your building. We can also help where additional services are needed, such as professional cleaning or security and concierge personnel. Contact us today!