4 Sustainable Business Practices for 2022

4 Sustainable Business Practices for 2022

Sustainable Business Practices to Make an Impact this Year

Are you looking to make your workplace more sustainable in 2022? Keep reading to find out which sustainable business practices your building needs to implement this upcoming year. 

As we ring in yet another new year, it’s common to see a surge of sustainability awareness. Practicing sustainability and environmentally conscious efforts continue to be a pressing matter for building owners and companies across various industries. They begin to think about ways to conserve energy and resources, and they want to implement long-term strategies to make sure it’s not another failed new year resolution. Companies are also looking for ways to use resources more effectively and efficiently. 

If you need some ideas about sustainable business practices you can implement this year, we’ve put together four things you can do to make a change in your building. 

1. Conserve Water and Electricity

Start by making increased efforts to conserve water and electricity. For example, instead of keeping around water-wasting faucets and toilets, make the switch to energy-efficient faucets and toilets. Do you constantly find lights left on in meeting rooms around the office? Consider installing energy-efficient lighting or even motion-activated lighting to conserve electricity. Making these swaps can help your building save water, energy, and money. 

2. Make Environmentally Friendly Swaps

Next, make environmentally friendly swaps. Change standard bulbs to LED ones, which are more energy-efficient and recyclable. Ramp up your fight against disease by only using EPA-approved products for cleaning. Since the restroom is a haven for germs, switch to automated soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, air hand dryers, and automated hand sanitizers to decrease the number of touch-points. 

3. Encourage Recycling

Encourage recycling throughout your building. You don’t have to make drastic changes; simply set up recycling bins in highly trafficked areas. Use different bins for paper, plastic, and garbage, and make sure the containers are marked to eliminate confusion. In addition, work with a cleaning company to ensure that the recycling is disposed of properly.

4. Partner with Professionals

If you feel that implementing sustainable practices is a bit overwhelming on your own, partner with a professional. Building management companies have years of experience and can help support and enhance your existing sustainability plans.

Safety Facility Services can help you put these plans into practice. We’ve helped buildings achieve points under the LEEDs rating system, and we are CIMS-GB certified. You can rest assured that with our help, you’ll be taking steps towards becoming a more sustainable building.

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