3 Different Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

3 Different Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Perfect for Your Building

Although you may regularly have the floors of your building cleaned, they may need more than a standard mopping. Commercial floor cleaning companies deliver a much more in-depth and detailed cleaning of your floors. Commercial floor cleaning can remove dirt, dust, and other particles that damage commercial surfaces such as carpet, stone, vinyl, or laminate. 

There are many different types of facilities that can benefit from commercial floor cleaning services, including: Industrial buildings, Office buildings, Medical buildings, Education buildings (public and private schools, universities, etc.), Specialty structures, and Residential buildings.

3 Types of Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

At Safety Facility Services, we specialize in more than standard floor cleaning. Here are three types of flooring services we offer commercial buildings:

Stripping, Refinishing, and Waxing

If you have various hard floor types in your building, Safety Facility Services can provide you with expert advice on the right products to use for each specific floor. To ensure the longevity of your floors, you can opt for a recurring maintenance cadence to keep them looking great.

Stone Floor Care and Restoration

Natural stone flooring looks fantastic—until it doesn’t.  Restoration and periodic maintenance will keep your stone flooring from looking dull and neglected. Stone restoration is available for other surfaces as well. For example, walls and stairs take a beating throughout the day, and restoration can help return their original shine and luster.

Carpet Care

If you haven’t already, include carpet deep cleaning in your maintenance this year. Specific treatments, such as spot cleaning and hot water carpet extraction, will undo any damage incurred by seasonal changes. It will remove stains on your carpet and get rid of stubborn smells and marks.

Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Process

Before your commercial floor cleaning process begins, we conduct an initial inspection to identify any damage and determine what products and process will work best. During the service, we use specialized products and equipment designed to clean and restore your flooring to provide long-lasting results.  If applicable, floor finishes are then applied to protect and extend the life of floors to keep them looking new and shiny.

Why Choose Safety Facility Services?

Safety Facilities Services provides all our customers with expert, professional, and prompt service. We are fully insured, freeing you of worry should something happen at your building. Working with a facility management company gives you the convenience of using several services with one company instead of outsourcing them one by one. Our easy-to-use app offers secure scheduling for your next service, and you’ll always experience our quick turnaround times.

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